Time to Play


It is WINDER time in Cody, Wyoming-the snow flies and the wind blows.  Ya gotta dress warm-in layers-even if it makes ya look kind of silly sometimes.  Bundle up and lets go play outside!


On our way to our favorite hiking and snowshoeing trail yesterday, we saw LOTS of bighorn sheep.  They come down from the high country in the winter and wander all over the road.  After living in this area 14 and 1/2 years, I am still amazed at all the wildlife critters so easily seen-close up-and they aren’t in zoos.  I didn’t use any sort of a telephoto lens to take this picture; they were  that close.  What a privilege!  We don’t pet them either-they appear slow and docile, but when angered, not so much…


This is one big boy!  We called him “Big Daddy“.  He was sure in a hurry to get from here to somewhere else.  Maybe the baby who jumped up to the top of the guardrail, stood there for a moment, and then jumped off scared him.  These wild sheep are less than 1/2 hour drive, between our house and Yellowstone National Park.


One of my favorite bonuses living here is that even on an overcast day, there are layers and layers of mountains.  This vista is just a short distance from the trailhead and look at that one mountain waaay in the background.  No wonder we like to play outside.  It’s like we have the whole world to ourselves.


We always bring lunch with us and Buster is waiting to steal a bit of Robert’s sandwich.  2/3 of the time, he can grab a bite before Robert is able to move it out of the way.  Check out the icicles on the old man’s chin.  The red you see behind them is his collar.


Buster carries his own pack with a pocket on each side that holds snack size plastic containers filled with kibbles.  We discovered if we toss a few out at a time (we call it “chumming”), he will scavenge for a few minutes and not be able to grab a bite of MY sandwich.  Snowshoeing is physical labor and it’s always nice to sit on a log with lunch and enjoy the view, take a rest, then turn around and head home.  Every chance we get, we go, and a good time is always had by all!



One thought on “Time to Play

  1. fernsplace

    How fun! I thought about doing cowgirl chic because I live in the Midwest and am a cowgirl at heart so I will enjoy watching you progress through your line. I hope you are having as much fun as your customers.


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