Learning to Use picmonkey Photo Editor

I am hoping to be accepted into an assemblage jewelry master class, the 2016 Build a Line Challenge sponosored by B’sue Boutiques.  Part of the process to get ready for submitting an application for the class is to learn to use a photo editing program to make collages of my work.  I tried picmonkey (my favorite price-FREE) today for the first time, using some pictures of assemblage necklaces I’ve already finished.  My collage is pretty basic, but it gets the job done.  The editor has many other capabilities, and I may decide to use Corel instead before the class begins, but Corel’s learning curve is pretty steep.  It has always worked well for me to make sure I have the basics covered and then just expand my skill set from there; surely you will have beautiful collages to view by the time the first Blog Hop, which is scheduled for the end of January.  I hope you’ll join me as I work on this creative process which will allow me to offer even more diversity in my handcrafted artisan home decor and gift items.

Without further ado, I present my very first collage:


5 thoughts on “Learning to Use picmonkey Photo Editor

  1. Looks good!! Nice job on your collage. I have one suggestion, if uou don’t mind. When you take your photos, your jewelry wants to be the star, so photographing on white, or very light, plain backgrounds will accomplish that. Brenda recommends that also. The print backgrounds take away from the star of the show, imho.


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