An Introduction to Angels’ Keep

Welcome to my new adventure.  With this blog, I hope to share glimpses of my life as an Innkeeper, photographs of the AWESOME scenery which surrounds us in stunning Cody, Wyoming, some of my foodie interests, and the artisan handcrafted items I create and sell.  I hope you’ll join me as I delve into the different cultures of the people who visit our bed and breakfast, which can be viewed on our website,, hike, bike, snowshoe throughout the year, and cook up adventures galore while creating designs for your person and your home from vintage and upcycled materials.  cropped-akxmas2.jpg

2 thoughts on “An Introduction to Angels’ Keep

  1. fernsplace

    In many ways I envy your life. I love the area around Yellowstone, the Tetons etc. I have vacationed in your area but in the summer. When I was stressed, I used to dream about running away to Jackson Hole and buying a ranch to raise horses on.
    Needless to say that has not happened and I’m still in Kansas. I hope you are enjoying BALC 2016 and I look forward to continue reading your comments.


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